About Us

Nestled in the enchanted hill of Chinatown, The Great Ballroom is located just before Hotel Re! & has direct access to the beautiful luscious garden outdoor. We boast a luxurious indoor and outdoor space perfect for your romance-filled ceremony. Share your special moment as you exchange your vows in the lawn against glorious pink-hues of the setting sun with up to 20 guests as witnesses.
Accented with warm woods, the ballroom features fabric wall coverings, illuminated wall features and soft pastel blue carpeting exuding a sense of grandeur. Elegant chandeliers to illuminate a beautiful glow while guests dine in style with intelligent lightings creating a myriad of moods with a multitude of configurations for special effects. High specification audio-visual equipment with double built-in projection screens. Our pillar-less ballroom offers an uninterrupted view of wedding proceedings for guests.
Covering 560 square metres (6,028 square feet) with a seating capacity of 500 and its own dedicated kitchen, the ballroom is ideal for a grand wedding banquet.
A “Love in Mist” theme set-up greets your guests as they enter the inviting and cosy ballroom, setting the stage for a wonderful marriage to come.
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