Pre-Wedding Theme

These days, pre-wedding photography is basically as vital as the official wedding photographer itself. Maybe a mandatory errand for prospective wedded couples to enlist the best photographer for their pre-wedding shots. Generally, pre-wedding photographs are utilized as a slideshow for wedding guests. Aside from that, a few couples utilize their pre-wedding photographs to tell the narrative of how they initially met.

Isn't it good to have the option to catch those heartfelt moments of you and your partner? In this manner, picking a pre-wedding theme and  concept plays a very significant role in ensuring a breathtaking outcome. The following are a couple of tips in choosing a pre-wedding theme:

Adaptation Of Favourite Movie

It may very well be normal for most couples to choose to adapt their favourite movie into their pre-wedding photographs. For instance, your number one movie is 'A Cinderella Story'. You could most likely suggest the theme to your pre-wedding photographer. Envision having the option to recreate your favourite scene from your favourite romantic story. It will be one of your favourite memories during the wedding preparations.

Hobby And Interests

In different cases, a few couples could settle on a topic that depicts their hobby or their interests. Despite the various differences among you and your partner, you certainly would not have many things that you love to do together. Creating something out of your hobby together is something that could be used into your pre-wedding photography theme.

Your Profession

This specific theme is people's-favorite. Especially if it is a profession that requires a uniform like a cop, pilot, fire fighter, and etc. With a matured idea and a unique representation, the result could be the one of a kind pre-wedding photography that you are searching for.

Choosing your profession as your pre-wedding photography isn't really that you would wind up with a serious result. For Instance, you may be a teacher. So having an educator understudy theme would be an interesting pick.

Memories of The Past

You could utilize your pre-wedding photography to tell the story of how you both met. If everything began during your school days, you could pick an area in or close to your school as the setting of your pre-wedding photography and you could put on a school uniform, very much as you did when you previously dated. Accordingly, your pre-wedding photos could let you and your partner, reminisce about those moments as you age.

A portion of the couples goes the extra length by hiring a school bus that helps thinking back to them of the past. It helps with setting the memory of why they dated and how they come to know one another in their life. It also helps to freeze that valuable memory through pre-wedding photography so they could one day at any point think back and laugh at the right moment.


Pre-wedding theme establishes the tone and direction for your wedding. It assists with coordination on every vendor in preparation of your important day. A photographer will assist with capturing memories that will represent you and your huge one outwardly. An occasion decorator will assist with decorating the venue as indicated by the theme to set the ambience and mood. This way, your guests will feel welcomed and warm and this assistance will set a memorable experience celebrating your large accomplishment throughout life.

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