Wedding Venues in Singapore


Choosing the ideal venue that fits every one of the needs and costs can be hard. Read on to figure out more about how to save money cash in booking the scene!

Simply thinking about planning a wedding sounds complicated and troublesome. From buying wedding rings to solemnisation, it might all sound unfamiliar and new to somebody who's just begun planning. With the expense of everything expanding, planning for weddings have also changed.

For a more detailed breakdown and explanation of the most expensive portion of a wedding, we've gathered together a breakdown of wedding venues in Singapore. On different steps and facilities required in anticipating the big day, the complete expense of the occasion can change depending on the preferences.

Wedding Banquet Venues

In the beginning process of finding the ideal venue, it's critical for the couple to list out their inclinations and decide the kind of wedding they would like. Whether it is an outside wedding, beach wedding, traditional wedding, or an exotic wedding, the scope of choices for the setting of the event varies.

Cost of the Venue

Normally, the wedding venues represent most of the wedding budget. The expense of the banquet will vary depending on the quantity of visitors joining in, favored date and time of the wedding, etc. The breakdown of the costs of the wedding venues will depend on the area, a hire expense, some that charge each hour or moment, and some that charge per person joining in.

When the venues have a lower price than others, it may be possible that they don’t include some amenities such as food and beverages. It is important to ask for a specific breakdown of the total cost of the venue when inquiring!

Time of Day and Week

Most times, the costs will be higher while booking the venue during the end of the week dinner times compared with non-weekend days. Per person, it normally goes from around 15 to 20 dollar difference, however, these can rapidly amount to many dollars when accounting every one of the visitors. By simply switching times or booking for a certain number of hours for the venue, it can reduce the cost essentially.

Time of Year

The expense may also differ depending on the season to plan the wedding. In Singapore, the pinnacle for a long time to have a wedding are March, May, June, July, September, November, and December. During these times, the costs and expenses to rent the venue might be more costly compared with different months.

Complete Packages

To reduce how many choices and additional items, numerous venues also provide package offers and  all-inclusive packages that might be a better and less expensive choice compared with individually booking for necessities. Certain packages might consist of facilities, decorations, food, and beverages.

Different venues also permit you to bring your own liquor, which may also reduce the expense of liquor the venues might charge the visitors.

Cancellation Process

The cancellation process for every venue will also shift on the venue and when the cancellation occurs. Most times, there may possibly be a half refund when dropping nearer to the wedding date of within 3 months and no refund when dropping in 30 days or less. Always check with your venues for the specific timeline!

Additional Charges

Most wedding venues will give equipment and facilities to the wedding, yet there are certain banquets that charge to get their facilities. This might include the sound PA system, projector, TV, or even air conditioning! For this situation, looking for a venue with an exclusive deal or a package will save you both the time and cash.


It isn't not difficult to plan a budget for your dream wedding. But, everything toward the end will work out through intense planning and research. Make sure to begin arranging and planning ahead of schedule to be eligible for early-bird discounts and less expensive costs generally speaking.